I have more mobility in my neck. I feel healthier!

I just had an adjustment from Dr. Kristina Brown and my back is feeling great! I have been experiencing upper-middle back pain for several weeks with no relief. I have been to many different Chiropractors over the years and I have to say that Dr. Kristina Brown has a unique and comprehensive technique that is more effective than others. Not only is the acute problem area of my middle-upper back feeling better, but the rest of my body also feels aligned and healthy! I have more mobility in my neck than I can ever remember having and overall I feel healthier. Now I want to go back and try acupuncture and massage! Very convenient location there at the mall where I can go and get an adjustment before going to catch a movie or grabbing a bite to eat. Thank you Dr. Kristina Brown! I'll be coming back soon for regular adjustments.

D B., Torrance, CA

I feel very comfortable to be in her care!

I have been suffering with a very painful sciatic nerve. Dr. Kristina Brown is the third chiropractor that I have visited seeking help with this issue. She is the ONLY one who apparently knew what to do and how to address my needs! Her very warm and inviting "bedside manner" made me feel very comfortable to be in her care! I highly recommend Ambient Chiropractic & Wellness!

Jewel E., Redondo Beach, CA

My back and neck have never felt better!

Dr. Brown in wonderful. I have been going to her for a long time and my back and neck have never felt better. I recommend her to everyone I know. She also has an amazing acupuncturist in her office. I never really believed in acupuncture but decided to give it a try and now I'm hooked. Melissa does so much more than just stick needles in you. She has a magic touch. I also recommend her to everyone I know. I can't say enough about the people in this office. For you to miss out on these great clinicians and their amazing services would be a shame. I recommend everyone to go check them out - you will be glad you did !!!

Lynn D. - Toluca Lake, CA