I met Dr. Kiristina Brown at a Palos Verdes Chamber mixer and was talking to her about weight issues.  She explained a safe weight loss program to me.  OMG…. I am so impressed. This program in 3 weeks has lowered my blood pressure from 158/98 to a safe 120-138/86-90(key do not drink coffee before you get your blood pressure taken), my BMI has dropped, my weight has dropped, my glucose level dropped from 116 to 98(took a picture to prove it).  This program is too good to be true it really is amazing.  I never realized how much junk was in my food and eating habits until this program… IT WORKS!!!  Ask Dr. Brown about this program Chirothin you will be so happy you did.  It really is a 6 week program to a NEW YOU!!! and a healthier you.
On a professional note. This woman is amazing.  The office is not cluttered or over run with magazines.  The office set in a quiet and peaceful location of the mall so you get a chance to de-stress while you wait.

Vickie P.

Dr. Brown has magic hands.  She takes the time to absorb your pain history then proceeds to walk you visually through to where that is situated in your body, explaining what other areas are impacted and how the procedure will go and what you will achieve.  I went in, at a friend’s recommendation, for the first time of seeing a chiropractor ever.  I was nervous and hopeful.  Dr. Brown is an expert at aligning and addressing any pain in your body – my lower back felt better almost instantly and I woke up the next day feeling happier and lighter.  So very glad I went to see her!  As Dr. Brown explained, a lot of our health is tied to our spine and the nerves coming out of it.  She certainly aligned me with a very light, very efficient and very knowledgeable hand.  I am so very grateful to her.  You must go for any neck, shoulder, back or headaches you may have.  Trust me – you will be happy you did!  Thank you so much, Dr. Kristina Brown!

Corina A.

I had been researching the idea of a chiropractor when I found Ambient Chiropractic and Wellness last fall. I had recently been through an emotional life challenge and experienced extreme lower back pain + shoulder/neck discomfort since my mid 20’s. The idea of cultivating health and healing was totally aligned with what I was looking for. After three months of 2/week adjustments can honestly say investing and being educated by Dr. Brown is one of the best things I’ve done for my adult self.

Each appointment has been comfortable and unique because Dr. Brown listens to and builds on the care and regimen intended for your specific needs. We’ve tried different techniques that felt right and learned ones that didn’t work for my body. In critical moments of pain, she doesn’t hesitate to ask you to come into office for immediate care and relief. Dr. Brown takes the time to listen to every little thing/worry and provides educated, realistic and supportive feedback. From getting on the floor to show me new and better stretches, to crisis pain relief between shifts at my job, to connecting me with her sports massage therapist, Kevin (equally amazing), she goes above and beyond.

I now promptly recommend Ambient Chiropractic and Wellness to my friends and family, and when most give me the “ooh I’d be nervous” I launch into how it is so much more than cracking your neck. Dr. Brown helped me create an awareness in my own life that continues to lead me to healthier choices and habits for a healthier back, spine, and life.

Shellie H.

I hadn’t known really anything about chiropractic care but Dr. Brown was very knowledgeable and informative in explaining the long term benefits. I’ve gotten an alignment just 3 times and already notice a difference in how I move and feel. Highly recommend!

Kim B.

I have been suffering with a very painful sciatic nerve.  Dr. Kristina Brown is the third chiropractor that I have visited seeking help with this issue.  She is the ONLY one who apparently knew what to do and how to address my needs!

Her very warm and inviting “bedside manner” made me feel very comfortable to be in her care!  I highly recommend Ambient Chiropractic & Wellness!

Jewel E.

I did Dr. Browns chiro thin weight loss program and it was fabulous. Dr. Brown was very supportive and I really enjoyed my weekly checks. She always took time to answer my questions and provided me with helpful tips and encouragement. I lost 38 pounds in 6 weeks and felt and looked so much better !! Doing it as instructed and following the meal plans really made it easy. The best thing was it was all natural food that I could purchase at my local grocery store.

Lynn D.